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Privacy Policy
Coolong Chinese will only collect and store personal name, E-mail and phone number for communication and promotion. Collected information will not be used or shared with any third party. 
Media Release Agreement
I give Coolong Chinese the right to use photographs or videos of myself and/or the enrolled individual(s) in the production of web sites, film or sound track recordings, and any other forms of promotional/educational materials. I waive all rights to inspect or approve the final version of the photos or videos. 
Release of Liability Agreement
I release and discharge Coolong Chinese, its staff, officials and volunteers from any or all claims of injury or  damages from any accident or illness may be sustained by myself or the enrolled individual(s) while participating in activities at any location, whether caused by the negligence of Coolong Chinese or otherwise. If medical attention is required, I give my permission for such medical care. I agree to hold harmless and indemnify the above mentioned parties and/or representatives against any loss, damages, or cost of whatsoever nature including expenditure of attorneys’ fees which may be suffered as a result of any action, claim, or demand by my child or my child’s heirs, by me, my heirs, successors or assigns, or by any other person on his/her own behalf or for the benefit of the child.
Payment Guideline
Coolong Chinese accepts personal check and cash. Please make your check payable to "Coolong Chinese". A $35 charge will be assessed for returned checks. Coolong Chinese reserves the right to require payment by cash or certified funds.
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